1. Up to 25% CHEAPER than hotel rooms of equivalent standard. The rates you pay for a hotel room are often vastly inflated. This is because hotels usually have high expenses due to; the range of services they offer such as in-house bars and restaurants, and a high wages bill due to the volume of staff required to run the hotel. All these expenses have to be recouped from the customers (in the accommodation rates) in order for the hotel to make a profit. Furthermore, hotels will charge higher prices as guests tend to stay for just a few nights, after which time the hotel needs to resell the room. Apartment guests usually stay for longer periods so the cost of marketing and sales can be considerably lower than for a hotel. Additionally, apartments offer further savings due to their flexibility - for example, when staying in a hotel, you often have to bear the potentially very expensive cost of eating in restaurants. With an apartment you will have your own kitchen, so that you may - if you wish - prepare your own meals with food bought from grocery stores or the local supermarket.
2. SAVE money on every apartment. We have negotiated with all the apartments on SPBAPT.com to offer you the best possible rates.
3. SIMPLE, secure booking. We have undertaken thorough research in order to make your booking experience pleasurable, simple and secure. All personal details are taken in strictest confidence, and with a 100% guarantee that your credit card details are secure.
4. The luxury of SPACE. In a City where space is at a premium, Apartments offer a unique opportunity to stay in spacious surroundings - so rarely possible in a hotel. The luxury of LOCATION. Five minutes by foot to the St. Isaac Cathedral, straight entrance from Nevskiy prospect, house next door to the Hermitage - no one hotel can offer you that.
5. Enjoy privacy and COMFORT. All our Apartments are carefully selected for their comfort levels and Privacy. Apartments often have discreet entrance areas and videophone entrance facilities for your guests and safety is recognized as a most important issue.
6. Apartments are CHARGED PER APARTMENT not per person. All our apartments are charged on a 'per apartment' basis. Some hotels charge a rate on a 'per person' basis - a pricing strategy adopted by many hotels to make rates seem lower than they actually are, and enable them to charge extra for additional guests.
7. FLEXIBILITY to entertain guests or clients. Your Apartment is a home from home and you are free to entertain guests whenever you like. Apartments often have additional sleeping facilities such as sofa beds, which are very useful if you have guests staying for the night (or longer).
8. STAY 1 NIGHT or 3 months or more. Whether on business or Leisure, you may choose just a single night, several nights, weeks or several months, according to your requirements.
9. WEEKLY MAID and linen service. All our Apartments are 'Serviced Apartments', which means you can expect a maid service to keep your apartment as clean as the day you arrived, and to provide fresh bed linen and towels.
10. A PLACE TO LIVE, not just to sleep. Our Serviced Apartments offer you a place to call your 'home' whilst in Saint Petersburg, Russia - we think this is very important to today's travelers' who want so much more than simply a room with a bed in it. Experience Saint Petersburg as a Saint Petersburger, Russian not just as a tourist, and see what makes Saint Petersburg so special!

apartments for rent in St Petersburg Russia


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